Welcome to the GRIBOI 2014 Injectable Osteoarticular Biomaterials and Bone Augmentation Procedures.

We continue to build on the increasing success of our most recent meetings in Boston, Uppsala, Torino, Fort-de-France, Montreal, Oxford, Berne, Baltimore, Limoges and Shanghai, and plan to organize an interactive meeting where clinicians, scientists and engineers discuss exiting topics related to the clinical use of bone substitutes and other emerging applications of injectable biomaterials in bone augmentation procedures.


Injectable biomaterials: design & characterization

Image-guided augmentation procedures

Animal models & Biomechanics studies

Combination devices: regulatory issues

Bone augmentation procedures in hip and shoulder

Aging spine biology, VBA and reconstruction

Intradiscal & intra-articular injections

Bone tumor, VBA and Ablation

Dental root canal filling


     Chair: Jean-Michel Bouler (LIOAD, Univ.Nantes)
     Chair: Bruno Bujoli (CEISAM, Univ.Nantes)
     Chair: Olivier Gauthier (LIOAD, ONIRIS)
     Chair: Pascal Janvier (CEISAM, Univ.Nantes)
     Chair: Pierre Weiss (LIOAD, Univ.Nantes)

Nantes, France
Cité des Congrès
5 rue de Valmy

Webmaster: Benoît Charrier, Laboratoire CEISAM, Université de Nantes